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Posted by Trevor Don on April 30, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s a first look at Alicia Vikander’s turn as Katherine Parr in the Cannes-bound Firebrand.

Gabrielle Tana’s Brouhaha Entertainment has released the first-look photo of the Ex Machina star in costume for Brazilian helmer Karim Ainouz’s first English-language film. See it below.

Alicia Vikander plays opposite Jude Law (The Talented Mr. Ripley, Captain Marvel), who plays a scheming Henry VIII. Our exclusive photo shows Vikander with the ladies of her bedchamber, who are played by Ruby Bentall (Poldark), Bryony Hannah (Call The Midwife) and Maia Jemmett.

A screening date hasn’t been officially set yet but it’s strongly rumoured that Firebrand will premiere at the Palais des Festivals on Sunday, May 21. FilmNation will be shopping on the Croisette.

Both Tana (Philomena, The Dig, The Invisible Woman) and Ainouz (The Invisible Life of Eurydice GusmaoLove for SaleFuturo Beach) describe Firebrand as a “psychological thriller” that explores how Katherine, the last of Henry’s six wives, endured her union with the monstrous monarch and kept her head in the 16th Century.

The movie, filmed on location in the Derbyshire region of the UK’s Peak District, is based on Elizabeth Fremantle’s gripping, bestselling historical novel Queen’s Gambit, about how Katherine strategized to survive.

However, the title was changed to Firebrand to avoid confusion with popular Netflix drama The Queen’s Gambit, which stars Anya Taylor-Joy as a chess master.

Tana said Firebrand is not a “romanticized’ film about a royal marriage. “Henry’s a butcher,” she added. “It was a rotten marriage. There’s usually pomp and circumstance [in royal couplings] but that’s not really what was there. It was much more visceral, and that’s what we’re getting to the heart of.”

There will be some surprises in the film, she added, because “history is open for lots of different interpretation.”


Firebrand_FirstLook.jpeg Firebrand_FirstLook.jpeg Firebrand_FirstLook.jpeg


Posted by Trevor Don on February 25, 2023

Alicia Vikander is featured on March issue of W Magazine Korea Volume 3. Check out photos below:

WMagKorea_Covers_2023_28129.jpg WMagKorea_Covers_2023_28229.jpg WMagKorea_Covers_2023_28129.jpg

WMagKorea_Shoot_2023_28129.jpg WMagKorea_Shoot_2023_28329.jpg WMagKorea_Shoot_2023_28829.jpg



Posted by Trevor Don on February 02, 2023

Hey everyone. I have been gathering tons of photos of Alicia Vikander  from several events she has attended lately and added to our gallery. I have added from 2021-2022 so far. Please bare with me as more updates should be coming.

Our gallery has been growing a lot lately so I hope you guys enjoy all the updates so far.

HBOMaxSpecialScreeningReception_IrmaVep_October_2022_28329.jpg HBOMaxSpecialScreeningReception_IrmaVep_October_2022_28829.jpg LouisVuittonWomenswearSpringSummer_PFW_OutsideArrivals_October_2022_28329.jpg

LouisVuittonWomenswearSpringSummer_PFW_OutsideArrivals_October_2022_282229.jpg HolySpider_Screening_CannesFestival_May_2022_28329.jpg 2ndAnnualAcademyMuseumGala_Arrivals_October_2022_28129.jpg

LouisVuitton_TalentInfluencerFacebookdinner_July_Monaco_2021_28429.jpg LouisVuittonWomenswearSpringSummer_PFW_Outside_October2021_28129.jpg LouisVuittonWomenswearSpringSummer_PFW_Arrivals_October2021_28629.jpg


Posted by Trevor Don on October 12, 2022

Hello everyone. I have adopted Alicia Vikander Online this year at The Fan Carpet.  I’m really excited to be running the site from now on and update you on all things and so much more. I also want to thank The Fan Carpet for letting me adopt the site and let me take over. I know there’s a lack of updates in the gallery, so please bare with me as I update missing albums and photos on the gallery. More updates should be coming soon. For now, be sure to check out latest albums on our gallery with tons of promotional stills of ‘Irma Vep’, latest photoshoots and events from 2020-2022.

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LouisVuitton_ParisFashionWeek_Paris_March_2022_Arrivals_28529.jpg VanityFairLouisVuittondinner_Cannes_France_May_2022_281229.jpg LouisVuitton_ParisFashionWeek_Paris_March_2022_OutsideArrivals_281029.jpg